The purchase of an electric bicycle: What are the state aids?

The purchase of an electric bicycle: What are the state aids?

The purchase of an electric bicycle: What are the state aids?

Do you want to buy an electric bike or scooter for your next winter rides? Did you know that the State can finance your purchase up to 2000 euros? We will see in this article how to benefit from these subsidies valid until December 30, 2022.

The different aids

There are three types of aid that allow you to benefit from a financial boost when buying an electric bike.

  • The ecological bonus issued by the State
  • The conversion premium
  • Subsidies from local authorities (town halls etc.)
Be aware that these three aids can be combined!

The conditions of the ecological bonus

To be able to benefit from the ecological bonus paid by the State, you must be of age and a French resident. Your bike must also meet certain conditions:

  • It must be new
  • The bike must not exceed 250 watts of motor power and the power must be cut off when the bike reaches a speed of 25 km/h
  • The bicycle must not contain a lead battery
  • The bike must not be second hand or used

Please note

The aid can only be obtained once! Since August 15, 2022, obtaining the ecological bonus is no longer conditional on obtaining local aid.

The amount of the ecological bonus

The ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric bicycle can reach the following amounts

  • 400 € (or 40% of the price) for an individual whose reference tax income per unit is equal to or less than 6 300 € or a person with a disability

  • 300 € for an individual
  • whose reference tax income per unit is equal to or less than €13,489.

This aid can go up to 1000 euros for the purchase of specific models of bicycle (cargo, recumbent, bicycle for people with reduced mobility, folding bicycle or trailer), if you declare a tax income per unit between 6 300 € and 13 489 € . This goes up to 2000 euros for a tax income less than or equal to 6 300 €.

How to obtain the ecological bonus?

To benefit from the ecological bonus, you must submit your request on the site within six months of the invoice date of the bicycle.

Note that even if this site is called "" (see below), it also concerns the ecological bonus.

The conversion premium

Since July 26, 2021, the State pays a premium to finance your purchase of electric bike if you get rid of your gasoline or diesel vehicle. Remember, this aid is also cumulative with the ecological bonus.

What characteristics must the car to be destroyed meet?

  • You must own a private car or an unpledged van.
  • You must have owned the car for at least 1 year.
  • Your car must be registered in France and be registered for the first time before January 2006.
  • Your vehicle must have been insured for at least 1 year on the day you surrender it for destruction or on the date you lease or acquire your car.
  • Your vehicle must be handed in for destruction in an approved center 3 or 6 months after the date of invoice of your new electric bike.

What is the amount of the conversion premium for electric bikes?

The amount of the conversion bonus is 40% of the purchase price of the bicycle up to a total of €1,500. This bonus can be combined with the State's ecological bonus.

Community support

More and more French cities and regions are setting up aid schemes for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

The amount of assistance may vary depending on your location. We invite you to contact your local city hall to find out the details.

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