Electric bike insurance: Is it mandatory?

Electric bike insurance: Is it mandatory?

Electric bike insurance: is it mandatory?

You want to buy a brand new electric bike and you want to insure it against possible damage or theft?

Why insure your two-wheeler?

The insurance will protect you against all risks related to the deterioration of the material, accidents or possible thefts. Indeed, in Paris, more than 80% of stolen vehicles are bicycles. 1 bike out of 5 is an electric bike. Faced with these risks, it seems wise to insure your electric bike. We explain in a few minutes

Is electric bicycle insurance mandatory?

The classic bike

If you own a conventional bicycle, it is not mandatory to insure it, but it is strongly recommended if you live in the city and if your bicycle has become your main means of transportation.

The electrically assisted bicycle (EAB)

The electric bike has a motor that cuts out above 25km/h, the bike only accompanies the efforts of the cyclist. For this type of bike, insurance is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

The pure electric bike

With speeds of up to 45km/h and a motor that operates without the rider having to pedal, insurance on this type of bike is mandatory.

In brief: types of bicycles that can be insured

  • City bikes
  • EABs (electrically assisted bicycles up to 25km/h)
  • Mountain bikes and VTTAE (electrically assisted mountain bikes)
  • Racing bikes (electrically assisted or not)
  • Cargo bikes (electrically assisted or not)

To know more

Electric bicycles exceeding 25 km/h are covered by moped insurance and must be insured.

What to do in case of theft?

Anticipate the risk of theft at the time of purchase

When you buy your electric bicycle, there are several things you can do to anticipate the risk of theft of your electric bicycle and thus have all the necessary documents to present to your insurer.

  • Convert and store your bike receipt in a safe place
  • Check that the serial number of your bike is written on your invoice
  • If it is not mentioned, take this number (located on the frame of the bike) and write it down
  • Separate the duplicate keys from the lock immediately
  • Keep the purchase invoice of your lock because it will be asked for in case of damage

Now if the theft occurs, it is essential to declare the theft to your insurer immediately. As a general rule, as soon as you exceed 2 or 3 days, a declaration is no longer considered valid by your insurer. So be vigilant and reactive.

Do not hesitate to file a complaint at a police station, as the report of the complaint will serve as an essential proof to your insurer. In the same way, by filing a complaint, the gendarmes as well as the police will eventually be able to find your bike.

The risks of driving without insurance

If you do not have specific insurance for your electric bike, you are exposed to several risks. If your bike is stolen, you will have to buy a replacement bike yourself without compensation. If your bike is damaged, you will have to pay for all repairs.

If you are considered responsible for an accident that damages another person's vehicle, you will have to compensate the accident victim yourself and finance the repairs to his or her vehicle.

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