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Protect your customers and
enhance your brand with
an eco-responsible protection service

Theassurance of being

Protect your customers and enhance your
sign with an eco-responsible protection service

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of consumers say they are ready to buy organic, ecological and sustainable...

But less than


of consumers actually take action
in their daily

Our mission

Owen helps you move your consumers from intent
to action. Our responsible warranty offers protect
goods and services by rewarding their use over time: it's
deprogrammed obsolescence!

How to make your
products more sustainable?

By facilitating their protection

Your customers add Owen directly to
their online or in-store order
and benefit from a reliable
protection service in case of a glitch.
You facilitate a daily ecological gesture

Focusing on repair

In the event of a claim, your customers do not
bear the full cost
associated with the repair or
replacement of their item.
You repair when
is possible

By rewarding the recovery

When your customer wishes to dispose of his product, he benefits from a trade-in offer in exchange for a credit note in your store.
You facilitate take-back and encourage recycling


Furniture & Decor


Musical instruments

New mobilities


Nomadic Products


Protection for all everyday objects


Connected devices

Nomadic Products


& decoration


Sports equipment

Sports equipment

An installation

simple and efficient

A wide choice of protections
and APIs that fit
your product catalog
Owen manages your insured clients: from claims handling to trade-in offers
You provide an eco-responsible service and generate additional benefits
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How can I integrate Owen protections into my e-commerce site?
How long does it take to install the Owen module in my site?
How will my clients report a breakage or theft?
How much does it cost to install and use the service per year?
Are all the products in my catalog eligible for protection?
Do we have to pay taxes on the insurance collected? Is Owen the one collecting?
In case of repair, will the customer be directed to my workshop?
If I don't have a repair shop, how will my customer be referred for repairs?
Is it possible to stop the Owen service at any time?
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