How to take care of your electric bike?

How to take care of your electric bike?

How to take care of your electric bike?

Have you just fallen for the charms of a brand new electric bike? For your relationship to last in the long run, you'll need to take good care of it! We'll give you the best tips on how to properly maintain your bike.

Adapting your driving

Even with an electric motor, it is important to use gears in the appropriate situations! On the flat, it is better to use an intermediate level of assistance, and on a climb, to use a maximum level of assistance. Also, a smooth ride will relieve your brakes because an electric bike is heavier than a conventional bike, so they wear out much more quickly when you brake repeatedly.

Maintaining your battery

Like its mechanical counterpart, the EAB (electrically assisted vehicle) has a battery. Being the crucial element and one of the most expensive, the price being able to vary between 400 and 800€, it is important that your battery is maintained effectively in order to optimize its lifespan.


Store in a dry place with a stable temperature. Electric batteries do not tolerate high or low temperatures.


Don't wait until your battery is completely dead to recharge it. Also, if you are not using your bike for a long period of time, remove the battery from the bike and remember to recharge it from time to time.

Clean mechanical parts

Just like a regular bike, it is also important to take care of the mechanical parts. Before cleaning your bike, remember to remove the battery and protect the screens with a cloth.


Dirty parts of your bike using a sponge and a suitable cleaning product.

Clean up...

The chains of your bike with a degreaser and a brush by rubbing well on the sides.


Regularly oil the chain of your electric bicycle with a suitable lubricant.


Proper operation of the brakes. If the brakes are soft or the braking distances are long, it is necessary to check the calipers or the cables.


The pressure of the tires because the tubes of your wheels deflate regularly. So remember to check their pressure regularly to avoid driving with under-inflated tires.

With these tips, you can pedal with peace of mind while keeping your bike in top shape!

Have a good trip!

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