How to avoid having your bike stolen?

How to avoid having your bike stolen?

How to avoid having your bike stolen?

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Boosted by public subsidies and the challenges of clean transportation in urban areas, the use of bicycles has increased significantly in 2020. Indeed, many French people have swapped their car for an electric bike, but these non-polluting and relatively expensive vehicles attract a lot of attention. For the past 3 years, it is estimated that more than 500,000 bicycles are stolen in France each year.

In this article we explain how to avoid these thefts and keep your precious two-wheeler safe....

Tip#1: Have a good anti-theft device

When it comes to theft protection, you can't miss the anti-theft device. The essential tool to dissuade thieves. There are several types of locks - the U-shaped lock, the chain lock, the padlock - but the U-shaped lock is considered the best protection, especially for electric bikes, because it is more resistant.

We do not recommend taking small locks or chains, as these are very easy for thieves to cut.

Tip#2: Have multiple locks

Although the lock discourages some thieves from stealing your bike, it is good to remember that no lock is inviolable or unbreakable. It is therefore recommended to have at least two locks placed in strategic locations in order to increase the difficulty for the thief who will prefer to go for an easier target.

Tip#3: Attach your bike to the frame

This simple reflex will prevent you from having the unpleasant surprise of finding only the wheel of your bicycle at the scene of the misdeed.

Tip#4: Attach your bike to a fixed point

It is preferable to attach your bike to a fixed and solid point! Therefore, give preference to bicycle parking spaces or urban furniture fixed to the ground (street lamps, road signs)

Tip#5: Choose the right location

Thieves prefer to operate in the shadows rather than in plain sight, so choose a place with a lot of traffic (in front of a restaurant or a train station). Don't park your bike in low-traffic or poorly lit alleys.

Also avoid always storing your bike in the same place, vary the hanging points from one day to another.

Tip#6: Insure your bike

Insuring your bike will give you peace of mind in the event of theft. Ask your insurer or use a specialist insurance company like Owen to protect your bike.

Tip#7: Secure your battery

If you have an electric bicycle, it is recommended that you remove your electric battery when parking. An electric bike without a battery is much less attractive to thieves.

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